Phil Parker Ltd

Since 1945, Phil Parker Ltd has been at the heart of the UK’s brass playing community and now attracts players from around the globe due to it’s unique, wide ranging stocks of instruments and accessories catering for the beginner player through to international soloist. Highly experienced staff with exceptional product knowledge can guide you in your purchase of instrument or accessory. Take advantage of luxurious private testing facilities and un rivalled instrument displays in its new home at SaxWindBrass.London

Repairs, Servicing and Customisation

Our famous in house workshop offers comprehensive repair and customisation services. From a regular instrument check up to large repairs, instrument modification and unique component replication, we can take care of your instrument in a timely and affordable way. Dave Woodhead, Head technician can talk you through options and advise on your requirements. Most repairs require drop off and collect but on the spot repairs can be arranged by appointment.

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